Capgemini Preparation

As of now, the Capgemini exam pattern has been changed. We have the latest papers in accordance with the Capgemini placement process for 2020.

Sections - 4
Time -90 mins
Type of Exam -Non- Adaptive
Negative Marking -No
Applicants: 200000
Job Opening: 12000
Topics No. of Questions
Quants 16
Logical 16
Essay Writing 1
Pseudo Code 20

Capgemini Latest Curriculum 2020

Capgemini's previous year question papers are of moderate to high in difficulty, we suggest that rather than solving Capgemini sample papers or Capgemini model papers and Mock test papers for Capgemini exams, you may study from our Capgemini Cocubes questions with Answers asked Capgemini Cocubes placement papers.

All Branches – English Essay + Analytical Reasoning + Numerical Reasoning

Ques – (16 ques in Logical + 16 ques in Quants )+ 1 Ques for WET and 20 Ques for Pseudo Code
Total Time – 40 mins + 30 mins + 20 min(WET)

Written English Test (WET) – Essay type question. I need to write an article in 20 mins.

Branch Specific(Not for this year, used be earlier) – English Usage + Analytical Reasoning + Numerical Reasoning + Domain Module (20 min)

Ques – 15 each/20 for Domain Module
Total Time – 45 mins +20 mins(WET) + 30 mins (Domain Module)

Paper pattern

Topics No. of Question Time Cut Off Importance
Quants 16 30 mins Shared 75%ile Medium
Logical 16 40 mins shared with Quants 75%ile Medium
Essay Writing 1 20 mins 70%ile High
Pseudo Code + Data Structure 20 30 mins 70%ile Medium